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Word Power Conference

June 8-10, 2012

Damian Stayne, Host

Damian Stayne graduated with a teaching degree from Surrey University outside of London. He is the founder of Coret Lumen Christi Community in the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton. Coret Lumen Christi serves the diocese and beyond with the approval of the local ordinary, the Rt. Rev. Kieran Conry. Damian’s ministry of preaching, training, and healing miracles has taken him to all five continents, where he leads training schools in various aspects of the Christian life. He is also the founder of the “Night of Light,” an initiative to re¬claim Halloween for Christ that has spread to many countries around the world. He and his wife, Catherine, have two children.

“If anyone speaks, he should do it as one speaking the very words of God” —1 Peter 4:11

God spoke and the world came into being. God spoke and Lazarus rose from the dead. God spoke and the blind could see, the deaf could hear, and the lame could walk.

Like the sacraments, holy signs that make possible the very things they signify—the Word of God doesn’t just communicate realities. It makes realities. It creates and destroys, heals and transforms. There is power in God’s Word—power and beauty and life.

Importantly, that power doesn’t belong only to God’s Word spoken in history or proclaimed in Scripture. That power belongs to his Body. It’s made manifest when the Word of God, spoken by a priest, changes bread and wine into Body and Blood. And it’s made manifest when God’s people, the baptized, proclaim it in the power of the Holy Spirit.

In 2012, you’re invited to encounter the Word of God as a living, healing, all-powerful creative force, when popular retreat master Damian Stayne leads Catholics from around the world on an exciting journey of discovery.

Over the course of three days, through a series of illuminating talks and practical workshops, you’ll learn how to unlock the power of the Word of God in your life, your apostolate, and the lives of those you love. Sessions on prophecy, healing, using the texts of Sacred Scripture, and more, will forever change the way you understand and wield the Word of God.

Along with a special Saturday night healing service, hours of prayer, praise, and worship, daily Mass, and ample time for fellowship, Franciscan’s Catholic Charismatic Conference will help you speak “the very words of God.”

This summer, join hundreds of Catholics from around the world and be united in the power of the Word.

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